Before it gets freaking hot

Your operating staff lack adequate knowledge about the maintenance of your furnaces?

You don't know how to evaluate the services of refractory construction and industrial service companies?

Are you missing experienced professionals and specialists?

BALLON.ENTERPRISES provides your employees with the necessary know-how to optimally care for the furnaces and carry out maintenance tasks efficiently.

BALLON.ENTERPRISES advises you comprehensively and expertly on everything to do with your furnace units (reformers). From inspection to the conception and planning of new construction sites, retrofits, repairs, and maintenance work to quality controls during execution.

BALLON.ENTERPRISES  helps you to select the right service providers and ensures that their services meet your expectations.

The expert and contact person

With more than 30 years of experience on all management levels in plant engineering, especially in refractory engineering, I can competently support you in solving your problems.

My studies in metallurgy and my Executive MBA are the qualified basis for all demanding tasks such as project management, sales, and management.

In my last position as division manager, COO and CEO of a service company of Thyssen Krupp AG, I worked successfully in coking plant and chemical plant construction.

Honest, independent, fair, and friendly advice is important to me.

I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with you to solve your problem.

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Maintenance and repairs of thermal plants

To avoid unwanted shutdowns, production plants and their refractory linings should be carefully planned and competently maintained on a regular basis.

You would like to establish a functioning maintenance and service unit or improve an existing one? I offer you my extensive experience and expertise to operate and maintain your plant efficiently and cost-effectively.

An unplanned plant shutdown can very quickly result in downtime costs of €1 million per day. Often the cause is damage to the refractory lining. Regular maintenance and monitoring of your plant allows damage to be detected at an early stage and prevents a costly shutdown.

Contact us to find the perfect solution for your requirements.

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Training / Seminars

New employees are often confronted with problems in refractory engineering without having the necessary experience and expertise.

BALLON.ENTERPRISES designs individual seminars to consolidate solid knowledge in refractory engineering.



Mirjam Ballon 
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